BE FOREWARNED: This Is Not The Place To Peddle Your Own Agenda

Please do not comment on my articles or come to my page to post your own links or promote whatever it is that you are trying to promote. How dare any of you who keep coming here and posting links and advertisements for nonsense; for debunked conspiracies; for medicines and pharmaceuticals. More disturbing, I am getting posts on my articles from scum trying to post links to smut and immoral material. I will not, for one instant, tolerate that. First of all, none of your trash can be seen in the comment section as it must be approved by me before it is posted; it won’t be posted, of that you can be assured. Secondly, if I see any more of this nonsense, I will seek legal recourse.

This blog is for one purpose. It is to promote and support my business — that business is Transcription. It takes hours upon hours to create a website. If you want to advertise your products; create your own website! I don’t discuss politics; I don’t discuss ridiculous conspiracy theories or debunked medical treatments for COVID, and I am thoroughly repulsed by smut that some cretins think that that is a topic that would be discussed here. Just what part of “This is a transcription-based platform” that you don’t understand and can’t get through your thick skulls. Consider yourselves warned!!

If you are not going to direct your content to the relevancy of the topic, please just move on!


Update: I continue finding trying to post their ads, products, links, and articles on my blog page even after all the warnings. Please don’t. Nobody sees them anyway, so why waste your time.

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