Our Biggest Sale of the Year: 60% Off of All TranscribeAnywhere Courses


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More of an ‘infoblog’ this time rather than my usual blog post. We at TranscribeAnywhere periodically have discount sales for our industry-leading, award-winning transcription courses. Back when I first trained through TranscribeAnywhere, I paid the full price for both the general transcription and legal transcription courses, and I was glad I did. Even at full price, they are fantastic deals. You get a lot for bang for your buck. That said, since I took the course, more features have been added, and the fact that the price has lowered makes it a bargain not to be missed! If you have the itch and desire for your own business, I would say there is not better time than right now. Remember, you still need to take the free 7-Lesson Mini-Course to determine if it transcription is the right fit for you. It is well worth your time. Because I have a lot of work to do — I have a big project right now with a private client that I need to finish — I am going to paste up my article that I posted to my business Facebook page. I will also give you a live link to the discount. Anyway, I am not sure how smooth the segue will be to the Facebook article, but the next paragraph is where it begins.

The biggest discount on our industry-leading transcription courses has now started. The discount is a whopping 60% off the regular price. Back when I decided to take the GENERAL TRANSCRIPTION: Theory & Practice and the LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION: Theory & Practice courses, I paid full price, which was still a great deal and one that I am glad that I did. However, I wouldn’t have minded a discount, that is for sure.
Listen friends, if you are looking to replace your income, have a side gig for extra money, or establish your own on-line business, this is a wonderful opportunity. With fuel prices up in the stratosphere and congested commutes getting worse by the year, it is a great time to work from home. The tax advantages are great: your home office is a write-off, your coffee is a write-off, you pay less in fuel and wear n’ tear on your vehicles. I pay less in car insurance simply because I have cut down on my driving.
Yes, you do need training to really succeed. It takes work, just like any endeavor worthwhile and legitimate. But if you are willing to work, put in the time to get trained properly — via Transcribe Anywhere — there is no limits on how successful your business can be. Will you become a wealthy tycoon? No. Can you make a comfortable living? Absolutely.
Before you lay out hard-earned coin to enroll, you must first take the absolutely free 7-lesson Free Mini-Course. The Mini-Course is free. It is taught by Janet, the Founder of TranscribeAnywhere and the owner of Zoom Transcription. The purpose of this free mini-course is to introduce you to the transcription industry, give you a taste of the main course offerings, and to help you determine if transcription is a fit for you. This allows you to decide whether you want to go ahead and purchase the General Transcription, Legal Transcription, or the package deal of both General and Legal.
Anyway, other than some time on your part, what is there to lose by checking out this great opportunity. There is no hard selling, no arm twisting, no obligation. We do not encourage those who are not interested or invested in this opportunity. But if you are, we give you all the help that you need to succeed. You become part of a great transcription family; we have two Facebook groups where others in the industry help one another and talk the transcription business. I have not seen anything like it before.
This sale only lasts for a short time. If you are interested, click on the live link below. Read each of the four course offerings to see what each provides. Those of you who really want to make this a career change, I would highly recommend you to choose the fourth one, the complete package deal. With this 60% discount, it is roughly the same price is the second option, the LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION: Theory & Practice course when it is at regular price, which in and of itself is a good deal. I can’t tell you how much value you get, particularly when they build you a beautiful website, the one-on-one lifetime coaching, etc.

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