Hi Friends,
        That’s right, everybody. There is no golden parachute waiting to transport you to easy wealth and continued prosperity. One must work to earn a living. That is just the way it is and has always been and how it will always be. That tidbit aside, I trust that you all had a wonderful and fun weekend. As things begin to reopen, and we begin to approach some semblance of normalcy, it is time to start reconnecting with people again and start to think about planning outings to favorite haunts.   It is also a time to reflect on all matters financial and business/employment related.  Perhaps you may have found some peace and tranquility with being at home. We hear all the time about people making a good living from the comfort of their own home. I am proud and excited to say that I count myself amongst that privileged group.  While I am not wealthy and raking in tons of dough, I am making a comfortable living.
     Also, many of you may have found that there is peace and less stress working from home and not having to deal with commuting. Since I retired from my teaching career, I have been making income from the comfort and convenience of home. I can wear my carpet slippers (haha, we have tile and hardwood, but hey, carpet slippers are comfy) and pj’s if I wish. My morning commute consists of walking to my fridge and coffee machine, and then moseying on down the hall to my home-office where I check my email and catch some news while having coffee. Next, I like to review my previous transcripts, and then settle in on the day’s audio or video transcriptions that I have scheduled for the day’s work.
     I do need to follow a schedule, but while I find it important to have a set number of items such as  work, home-related tasks, shopping, and recreation to complete, I do keep the schedule flexible. Of course, one cannot discount the benefits of being able to tailor your work schedule around the activities that you wish to engage in. I can tell you that that is one of the perks that I really love. For example, tomorrow my wife and I are having a bbq lunch with some friends at Lucille’s Smoke House, so I will probably sleep in a bit longer than usual.  Then I’ll come home and finish a client’s file, and then either blog a bit if I feel like it, or catch a ball game on TV.  Since this particular  that I am currently working on  is worth a bit over $200, I am choosing to take the afternoon after lunch (how is that for an alliteration?) for work and calling it a day.
     Now, not every day is like this, some days I will transcribe all day. The point is, I choose when I want to work. I schedule my work around what I want to do. So long as I am meeting deadlines and obligations to my clients, I decide when and how much I want to work. The work isn’t always easy; you have to put in the time and effort like anything worthwhile and legitimate, but it sure is nice to do so on your own terms, from the comfort of home, and not having the need to navigate traffic-clogged roads and freeways.
     While I will not become fabulously wealthy, I am earning a comfortable living and not worrying about the bills, debt, or not having enough money to enjoy life. I get to work from the comfort and convenience of home; I am able to be home to be with my wife who is battling MS, and though I do need to work and put in the time to do so, I get to set my own schedule. If you are looking for that type of freedom and convenience, this may be something you might want to look into transcription, either legal or general or both,  for yourself.  And, right now, is the best time to do it because Transcribe Anywhere, the organization where I received my training and certification, is offering their courses at a 20% discount, but only until May 31. They have rolled back the price on tuition by $298.  Of course, before you lay out any money for tuition, you are strongly encouraged to enroll in the free 7-lesson Mini-Course. This will allow you to explore this field and find out if it is a good fit for you.  There you can comfortably, and without any obligation or strong-arming, decide for yourself if this is suitable for you. What do you have to lose by exploring this free introductory course? I found it interesting, enjoyable, and I really appreciated the fact that I was not being pressured.
     So, if you want to become a transcriptionist, then you want to set yourself up for success. Like any career that is legitimate, you have to be willing to train, work diligently, be patient and disciplined, and be realistic. Nobody is going to hand you six figures for scratching out a few words. You will need to get certified and trained to be successful. You most likely will not become fabulously wealthy, but if you are willing to do the work and work diligently, be disciplined and realistic, then you can make a very good living on your own terms with something that is your very own. You don’t have to put up thousands or ten-hundreds of thousands to start a business nor do you have to worry about high overhead costs. If you wish to explore on your own terms and at your own pace this fascinating, growing, time-proven, and legitimate business of transcription, then click on the link below. There is not obligation; there is no cost; there is no risk. If you decide after taking the free seven-lesson mini-course that transcription is not right for you, then try virtual bookkeeping or maybe virtual assistant, customer service, etc. However, and this is what I hope for you, is that you find what I found, and that is transcription being a great fit and the right choice for you. Then you can be sure you have made an informed choice before plunking down money on training and certification. So, I encourage you to give it a try.  I have provided the link right below my sign-off. Please, by all means, enjoy your week.
Best wishes,