Have You Had Enough of Working on an Employer’s Terms? Are You Willing to Work In Order to Attain Success? Then, Transcribe for Success!

You heard me? You understand that there is no magical, Easy Street formula, via the internet, for instant wealth and early retirement. Those schemes and promises are legion, but they are false. That said, with the options available to all who seek them and are willing to be patient, put in the work, and who realize that success does take effort, the sky is the limit. Forget about all the ads that promise easy wealth with claims that you can earn limitless wealth simply by posting websites and achieving passive income. Generally speaking, those are scams. There are no ‘golden parachutes’ to easy wealth; the only ones who get rich via those schemes are the ones that cook up those advertisements, knowing that many folks are easy dupes to such preposterous schemes. So, unless you are one of the very few who are the scion of a billionaire family, most of us understand that we need to work to make a living. We need a career in which we devote the better part of our lives working 40 hours a week with a not-long-enough annual vacation in order to finally retire, and hopefully, live out our golden years enjoying the hard-earned fruits of our labor. While there is nothing wrong with that, and it is honorable, there are ways of being a productive member of society while enjoying a profession of your liking, of being your own boss, working on your own terms, enjoying what you do, and achieving independence and control of your work life.

Now, it is certainly no secret that in order to be successful being self-employed, you need to find a business and business model that works for you. It needs to be legitimate; it needs to be something that you are interested in and can be passionate about, and most of all, it must be able to be sustainable, practical, and have the capacity to provide you with a livable income. While there is a plethora of choices of businesses one can operate and build from the comfort of home, it is important to find that niche in which checks all of the important boxes: Does it fit my talents, and is it suitable for me? Can it be something that I can do from my own home office? Does it have the potential for growth? Will it, through discipline and work, cover my financial needs, and does it allow me the flexibility to balance work, leisure, and family life? Also, for some people, does it have the ability for me to take it with me should I choose to travel?

Now, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, one must keep in mind not only a type of business that lends itself to being a home-based model, but one that you have an interest for and that fits somewhat into your skill set. For me, I researched transcription, bookkeeping, and virtual assisting. There are excellent training programs for each of those, and there is a need for those professions — did I mention the fact that you might want to choose a business in which there is a need for your service or product? — Anyway, through research and doing some homework, I settled upon transcription. When I came across “Transcribe Anywhere,” I knew that was the avenue for me. First, the founder and teacher, Janet Shaughnessy. the owner of Zoom Transcription, and the founder of Transcribe Anywhere, has developed the industry gold standard training course. One that is pedagogically sound, combining a solid curriculum that adroitly fuses foundational theory with interesting and vigorous practical transcription real-life training.  “TranscribeAnywhere offers affordable, high quality, proven transcription education. You can learn to transcribe with excellence, and you can do it from anywhere. With our programs, you get it all: a solid e-learning platform with multimedia training tools, videos, practice, templates, quizzes, and thorough how-to marketing tutorials that aren’t available anywhere else. Combine all of that with lifetime updates and support, and you’ve got the perfect combination for success.” – Janet Shaughnessy, https://www.transcribeanywhere.com/about

What sold me on this program was the fact that Janet does not promise easy wealth and easy, sitting-in-coffee-shop model that is often times presented on many internet sites. She emphasizes that in order to be successful as a transcriptionist, one must be prepared to put in the work, learn, give your best efforts, exercise discipline, and that it will take time and patience. However, if one is willing to put in the work, time, and commitment, they can get to the point where they could make a good living as a work-from-home transcriptionist. Like any business endeavor worthwhile and legitimate, once must put in the effort to learn and be trained, have the drive to work diligently, and realize the road to success will take time, patience, discipline, and a strong work ethic. If one is willing to invest themselves, well, the sky then is the limit. Depending on whether you chose General Transcription or Legal Transcription — there is an option to do both–once you finish the course and pass the final test, you receive your Certificate of Achievement. Whereupon finishing, you then can either apply to be an independent contractor with a transcription company or begin looking for private clients or have a combination model of both. At that point, you are in charge of your own success. You decide how much you want to work, structure that work around your schedule, work as much or as little as you want, and continue to hone your skills as you build your business. Let me reiterate: you have to put in the effort; this is a legitimate business, not some fly-by-night internet get-rich-quick scheme. You get out of it what you are willing to put into it. You can have success if you are willing to continue to grow in skill; are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful, and you understand that success and financial freedom takes learning and training, time, perseverance, and effort. Also, before you can take the full course, you will need to first take the free 7-lesson mini-course. This part if absolutely free, and nobody is going to twist your arm to get you to buy the full course. What it does do is that it introduces you to the transcription business and if transcription is right for you. Janet only wants those who are truly invested, interested, and ready before laying out money to take the full course.

I will tell you this. I am thrilled that I chose to become a transcriptionist. I trained in both general transcription and legal transcription. I love my work; I enjoy owning my own stay-at-home business. I get paid to learn new things. And yes, it takes work; it takes effort; it requires discipline and follow through. Anything legitimate and worthwhile does. I didn’t make a lot of money at fist, but after three months, I had surpassed what I paid for tuition and equipment and started making a livable income. Now, I am making a comfortable income, and I am doing it on my terms from the comfort and convenience of home. I am so grateful for choosing TranscribeAnywhere. Janet and Martha — Martha is the Director of Education — are first rate. The curriculum is pedagogically solid and well constructed; it is a perfect combination of theory, practice, and real-world application.

I encourage you to take the free course. It costs nothing, other than some of your time. There is no hard sell, no obligation, but I assure you, the free course is interesting, enlightening, encouraging, and it is both fun and informative. After finishing the free course, you can then make an educated and informed decision before laying down hard-earned coin on any of the course packages. I purchased both the General Transcription;Theory & Practice, which I did first, and the Legal Transcription; Theory & Practice, which I purchased about a year later. It would have saved me over $300 if I purchased both as one package. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with any course option. But, please, first register for the free 7-lesson transcription course. Click on one of the icons below for more information, or you can look at each one if you so desire. You are here now; you took the time to read this blog. Why not take a peak? If you are like me, you will be elated that you did.



Note: The Free Mini-Course is the same for both general and legal transcription.

The different types of transcription will be described during the mini-course.

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