On a Need-to-Know Basis

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read my first blog. As I pondered upon a theme, I came to the realization that maybe I just should step outside of my comfort zone and simply wing it for today. I have been told that I am a good extemporaneous writer; I will leave it for you to decide that for today.

I do have a lot of ideas, so I will touch upon a hodgepodge of topics, not necessarily delving into any one of them with depth and completeness, but perhaps just as an overview and exploration of topics that are of interest, have practicality, and can connect on a personal level. As a transcriptionist I often am privy to information and details where it is expected that I maintain absolute discretion and confidentiality for my clients. It is a legal obligation and requirement, but also it is one of both a moral and ethical consideration. I will address these very important precepts today and how it ties into my philosophy on that topic.

I do enjoy writing, and I would be a bit disingenuous to imply that my blogs will not have some level of self-interest, that being to attract potential clients and promote my business, but also to connect with you, to promote discourse, create interest, and to indulge my appetite for writing. As to any particular theme that I want to concentrate on, in short, there will not be one. Rather, I will feature a variety of topics and themes in the realms of transcription, music, cooking, sometimes on societal issues, education, philosophy, and such. It will be an eclectic mix.

So, here I go with the launch of my first blog.  Oh, there will be other areas of interest, but, out of personal preference and my long-held philosophy on the topic, I will not delve into or opine upon the specter of politics. The only aspect of politics I will discuss will be discussed on my blog today, and I will expound upon the reasons why I will not discuss it from here on out. Well, anyway, time to get started on this, my first blog.

Okay, first things first. My favorite philosophical motto is, as relating to all things personal, confidential, and private: “Everybody else is on a need-to-know-basis and they don’t need to know!” That is my philosophy when dealing with clients and customers when it comes to confidentiality, deals, and any other business arrangements. I used these very words starting 35 years ago when I began my career as a teacher conducting parent-teacher conferences. As it happens, it is also applicable to all things political where I am concerned.

Let me be succinct in what I mean on both a personal and professional level; I do not discuss politics with people, particularly with family and friends and certainly not clients! The only person who knows my political beliefs and can who can carry on a political discourse with me on this rather abhorrent topic, is the most important and beloved person in my life, my soulmate — my dear wife. Everyone else is on a need-to-know basis as to my political opinions, and yes, you guessed it, they don’t need to know! And, pray tell, why is that? Here is just an inkling why. One, I am not an ideologue; I am nuanced; I eschew labels; I really don’t like or enjoy politics. I enjoy history, very much so, and there is the historical aspect of politics that underlies much of history, but politics in and of itself, be it governmental, organizational, or personal, is not a theme that I enjoy discussing and expounding upon with others.

Everybody has an opinion; they have a right to that opinion; I have a right to mine. And what mine are, sans my wife, are between myself and myself. They are sacrosanct. Therefore, everybody else will be on a need-to-know basis and they don’t need to know. Second, in my mind — and yes, that is an opinion — politics, sadly, tend to be so polarizing and destructive to our personal relationships.

It has devolved into an “Us versus Them” dichotomy. It tears friends and family apart, produces no winners, changes no minds, adds nothing in the way of long-term contributions to relationships, and creates hurt, divisiveness, anger, and sorrow where there should be joy, pleasure in company and companionship, and growth in relationship, and contentment of enjoying socialization with those closest and most important to us. And for what? For the beliefs, often self-serving interests, and demagoguery of distant politicians that have no personal connections to you and I?

Are you all onboard and comfortable with the very thought of your most important and consequential relationships being tainted by a particular political school of thought and someone’s insistence on adhering to it? Really? Lastly, why are all the debates – if one can use that noble term – shifted now to a paradigm of conservative versus liberal? What about Moderates? Why are they never given a thought or mention anymore? Oh, well, that is my soapbox stump speech; that is the extent of political discourse that will flow forth from my quill. I will, of course, encourage you to opine in the Comment section of each blog as I would love feedback and personal connection.

To wrap up my first blog, I want to again thank you for visiting and reading. I hope you enjoyed my pontification. As to the topic of my next blog? It will be about, you guessed it,  the Art of Transcription. I will discuss the art of turning the spoken word in to the written word, I will expound upon why I decided to embark upon that field for my post-retirement career, the importance of my motto in our industry, and I will lay out just how transcription can be of a benefit to you. I won’t pretend that there is not an aspect of self-interest in my next topic because, to be honest, there is. But transcription is more than that to me. I like to see others succeed, and I derive satisfaction and joy in that.

That said, and before I leap off on another tangent, I am looking to publish my next blog very soon. When? Well, you are on a need-to-know basis and, well, You NEED To Know. I am aiming for Monday, February 22. So, please check back. Again, while you are here, feel free to opine below in the Comment section as I’d like to know. Just remember not to make it a forum for your political opinions and beliefs, but rather comment on the article itself, because as to your politics, I am on a need-to-know basis, and I don’t need to know.


For those of you considering a great home-based career in transcription, here is a link to TranscribeAnywhere’s free General Transcription Mini Course. It is fabulous and is what sold me on the program. It is well worth your time.


11 thoughts on “On a Need-to-Know Basis

  1. “Everybody else is on a need-to-know-basis and they don’t need to know!”

    No truer words were ever spoken. It’s hard to keep my opinions to myself, especially with the political climate as it is, but I bite my tongue and carry on. As for client confidentiality, that’s never been an issue for me. I never discuss my personal business or my clients’ business with anyone who “doesn’t need to know” and in almost all cases, “no one needs to know”.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I appreciate the feedback. I absolutely believe that as well when it comes to a client’s confidentiality. It is also about trust and credibility. Sorry I didn’t have your response up earlier; I am now just getting the hang of how to moderate a blog. LOL I have, I think and hope, given blanket approval for all posts.

  3. As a newbie to the TA world, I am anticipating your next blog on transcription. I really feel that getting encouragement and information from graduates of TA is necessary. I enjoy finding out how the seniors of TA are doing. Receiving pointers and tips to help TA students get the confidence on why to keep pushing forward. It is all worth it, realizing that to change your life can happen. To see that a independent life can happen. That’s what I’m searching for. And this career will make it all possible. Keep up the blogging. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      Thank you very much for responding. I am hoping to post my next blog on Monday. As far as encouraging my fellow TA family — absolutely! I am thrilled to have that honor. I was helped immensely by the wonderful people here at our TA Transcriptionist FB page. I want to pay-it-forward. Even more so, I love to see others succeed and discover transcription. I wish nothing but success for you. Yes, this career is a life changer, not to mention, a fulfilling career where you get to be paid to learn new and interesting things. Are you planning on setting up your website when you graduate from the course? It will make a difference, and you will enjoy envisioning it and setting it up and launching it. Keep up with the studies; I know you will be a success and thrive in this industry.

  4. I wanted those who previously commented that I did make some minor updates to the article, but I did not change the theme of tenor of my blog.

    1. Hi Joanna, I will indeed read your blog. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on mine. Thank you for inviting me. Also, you don’t have a comment section on your fabulous blog, but it looks truly amazing. So professional with a dynamite layout. You are really using the affiliate programs to the best advantage. Good job.

  5. Enjoyed your post. You ask me if I was going to have a website, but right now I’m getting through the experience of learning dictation and, oh, the punctuation. Like you, I am doing this for when I retire. I will be able to work through retirement and be at home. After researching what I was going to do after retirement, I found that transcribing was exactly what I needed. But being out of school for as long as I have the punctuation has, as like everyone else, a challenge. But a good challenge. Stimulates the portion of the brain I haven’t used for awhile. LOL. The website and blogging will be another learning experience. Thank you. I will keep reading you blog for good information.

  6. Thank you, Tamara. I enjoyed your response to my post. You are right, concentrate now on the course. You will have time after your course to build your website. Blogging is a great way to generate more SEO, plus it is enjoyable. I am a retired teacher who spent 30+ years teaching language arts to countless students. I loved my career, but mandates, increases in red-tape type paperwork, workplace politics, and such… Well, at my age now I was done with that. I am suited for transcription; I enjoy it a lot; I like to help others with their quest, and I enjoy the freedom in my schedule now. You will make a great transcriptionist. The pedagogue of this course is really first-rate, and it is structured so that as you go through the course, you learn, absorb, and apply the right amount of theory and practice. Also, as you do the study and all of the practice, concentrating on accuracy and completeness, your use of grammar, punctuation, and your typing speed just naturally improve and increase. Never doubt yourself for one minute. You and I have been around for a long time (I am 60 as of this year) and know that to get something out of a program or whatever you are doing, you have to put something into it. I know you will be out there making a difference in the transcription industry.

  7. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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